Environmental Site Assessment

      Real Estate Transactions
      Preliminary Evaluations and Consultations
      Phase I and II Site Assessments
      Vapor Intrusion Screening
      Active Soil Gas Investigations
      Remediation Design, Construction, Operations and Maintenance
      Engineers’ Estimates of Remediation for Escrow
      Environmental and Health Risk Assessments
      Chemical Fate and Transport Evaluations

      Life Safety Systems for Alternative Fuel Industry

      National Fire Protection Association
      Health and Safety Evaluations
      Gas Mitigation and Sensor System Design
      Gas Sensor Calibration and Setup
      System Functionality Testing
      Permitting and Certification
      Monitoring and Maintenance

    Bus Garage

      Methane Mitigation

      Soil Gas Testing
      Oil Well Mitigation Plans
      Mitigation System Feasibility Analysis
      Monitoring and Mitigation System Design, Permitting and Certification

      Hydrogeologic Assessments and Remediation

      Subsurface Investigations
      Remedial Action Plans
      Design and Installation of Remediation Systems
      Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance of Remediation Systems
      Government Regulatory Agency Correspondence

      Consulting Services

      Regulatory Agency Correspondence
      Health and Safety Evaluations
      Historical Aerial Photography Examinations
      Air and Water Quality Discharge Permitting