Carlin Environmental Consulting, Inc. (CEC) has been established in the Southern California region for over 25 years. Our professional staff consists of California Registered Environmental Assessor I, Geologists, Geoscientists, Environmental and Certified Engineering Geologists, Civil Engineer, Deputy Inspectors, and Environmental Technicians.  Our experience is with potential and actual sources of contamination, whether it is in the ground, water, air, or living environment. This expertise is the result of direct project management in investigation and mitigation of contaminants and hazardous gases, addressing the complex California environmental issues in collaboration with government agencies. 

Our clientele includes commercial, industrial, residential real estate developers, school districts, transportation agencies, community and cultural organizations.

CEC is supported by our working relationship with the staff and management of Alpha Scientific Corporation, (ASC) of Cerritos, CA.  ASC is a State of California certified laboratory that offers a full range of chemical testing.  When unique client problems occur, they are addressed by the combined efforts of CEC’s staff and the professionals of this laboratory.